Sweepstakes Ninja Premium – Yearly Subscription at 30% Off – A Revolutionary Software to Significantly Increases Your Chances of Winning Amazing Prizes.

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Get Sweepstakes Ninja Premium – Yearly Subscription with 30% Off Coupon – A Revolutionary Software to Significantly Increases Your Chances of Winning Amazing Prizes. Sweepstakes Ninja is a win-win situation for both companies and sweepstakers alike.

Sweepstakers love the software because it is fun and easy to use. As of this writing, there have been almost 70 new versions of the software, based on user feedback and new development. And they win, which is what they love — and talk about the company. Companies, such as yours when listed, benefit from massive word of mouth advertising, goodwill, and increased long-term sales and customer loyalty from users using Sweepstakes Ninja. Sweepstakes Ninja has been designed with both the Sweepstakes & Sweepstakes Company (you) in mind, so it is beneficial to both. It is a ‘win-win’ situation.


  • Easy to Use! – This software is exceptionally easy to use! All you have to do is push a button, and watch as it enters you into hundreds of sweepstakes! There are usually at least 300-350 sweepstakes in the database at any given time.
  • Time to do the things you love! Sweepstaking is fun, but it can be incredibly time consuming! Especially if you have to enter entries by hand, every single day! Can you imagine entering by hand? 300-350 entries would take you at least 2-3 hours, DAILY! With Sweepstakes Ninja, it only takes MINUTES! Sweepstakes Ninja gives you immediate access to hundreds of amazing sweepstakes, all with the touch of a button! In fact, we had one member write us and tell us that because of all the time he saved, he was able to enter and focus on sweepstakes that he really wanted to win, and won a $30k Sports Car!
  • Bonus Sweepstakes! – From time to time, you will get bonus/exclusive sweepstakes. These are sweepstakes that we’ve found and have high chances of you winning them. In one of our newsletters, based on the advice we gave, we had 7 members each win $1,000!
    Elite Membership! – When you upgrade to the premium membership, you join an elite group of individuals and get special, exclusive access to the Private Forums section in the Sweepstakes Ninja forums. In this section you get access to sweepstakes that we’ve scouted that have excellent odds of you winning! We had a member who won $10,000, plus many other prize winners such as t-shirts, mugs, gift cards, posters, and more!
    It is fun! No more searching for sweepstakes, getting tired because you can’t find what you want! Sweepstakes Ninja features a ‘Big Sweepstakes’ database, which lists sweepstakes with a combined prize pool of several millions dollars! All you have to do is navigate and find what you want to enter!
  • DQ (Disqualification) Protection! – The software helps prevent you from being disqualified in a number of ways! First, it makes sure you are only enter as much as you are allowed to enter. Sponsors love this. Second, it enters from your OWN computer. Sponsors really love this. (Most other services will enter from ‘one’ central computer, which can easily get you disqualified). Third — you see exactly what you are entering, in real time! You get to watch the software entering successfully!
  • Sweepstakes are submitted from YOUR computer, and YOU have control over what sweepstakes you enter! Unlike other services which can easily get you disqualified by submitting from central location, Sweepstakes Ninja runs from your own computer, and you control which sweepstakes you enter!
  • Amazing Customer Service! The software is constantly being improved, you get access to new features as they become available, plus if you have any questions, get an e-mail response in a timely fashion! Generally speaking, someone will reply to you within 24-48 hours, if not faster!

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Why pay for expensive advertising, when you can be listed in Sweepstakes Ninja and get immediate access to thousands of users for free? With its growing userbase every day, you reach potential customers that you would not otherwise be able to do so through expensive advertising. Sweepstakes Ninja clearly lists the name and type of promotion of every company that is supported, and encourages users to visit the company’s website, and take a look at their products and services.

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