Free Android Game: the Light (Свет English version) – New thriller, puzzle, horror game, with the participation of the living dead

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The game begins right after our hero collects five laptops and heads to the door, thinking to leave this sinister place. But it turned out to be not so simple. After losing consciousness, he woke up in a wet basement, locked in a cage. First, he will need to find a way out of it. On the walls, he sees strange notes left by one of the scientists who could survive in that disastrous night. Here you have to follow his way. See with your own eyes what happened in the distant past. And, finally solve the mystery of what happened here.

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Amazing BUT.... This game has massive potential, but how can we go on & on w/o a save feature?? How far (& how much time u think we have...) do u expect us to get ? I'm loving this game! It's stunning & right up my alley- but SAVE YOUR PROGRESS is a no brainer....pretty plz!!

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