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The new powerful and cost-efficient Ashampoo Office 2012 provides everything you need when it comes to working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations and lots more!

Ashampoo Office 2012 Review

Ashampoo Office 2012 provides you with three powerful (The comprehensive Ashampoo Office 2012 contains the Ashampoo TextMaker 2012, the Ashampoo PlanMaker 2012 and Ashampoo Presentations 2012), efficient and at the same time easy to use programs in an affordable suite. The perfect combination of these three programs allows fast, reliable and convenient working, no matter whether in the office or at home. 

Ashampoo Office 2012 is characterized by a high compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats. Therefore you can easily open, edit and save Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. This guarantees a seamless document exchange with Microsoft Office users. Even greater flexibility is provided by an option that allows installing Ashampoo Office 2012 on a USB flash drive. This way you will always have your “office” for the PC at hand.

Read on to learn more about what Ashampoo Office 2012 has to offer.

Ashampoo Office 2012 Features

The Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 is your expert for word processing. Whether it is a letter, a flyer or a scientific paper, this software provides the best possible support for all tasks concerning text processing.

Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 provides the best possible support for every task, from a plain letter to an elaborately designed flyer. The integrated wizards help you with the spell check, serial letters and with printing envelopes.

 Ashampoo Office 2012 - scr_ashampoo_office_2012_en_textmaker

The Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 is compatible with various file formats, e.g. all Microsoft Word file formats from 6.0 up to 2010.

The Ashampoo PlanMaker 2012 is a powerful and easy to use spreadsheet software. With the Ashampoo PlanMaker you cannot only make spreadsheets and easily do calculations with over 330 calculation functions, but also create impressive charts.

The powerful chart module lets you easily create charts of your data and choose from over 70 chart types (2D and 3D). In this module charts cannot only be created in worksheet, but also on separate chart sheets.

Ashampoo Office 2012 - scr_ashampoo_office_2012_en_planmaker

For the visual presentation of your data, there are different charts, such as column charts, bar charts, pyramid charts or pie charts, available. In the Ashampoo PlanMaker 2012 charts can now also be saved as image file.

The compatibility with XLS and XLSX files from Microsoft Excel 5.0 up to Excel 2010 and a direct export as PDF top off the huge range of functions.

Boring and dull presentations will be a thing of the past with Ashampoo Presentations 2012! Professionally designed templates and brilliant animations as well as transitions based on DirectX technology are easily added to your presentations. This way you will impress any audience!

Ashampoo Presentations 2012 enables you to quickly create stunning multimedia presentations with animations and slide transitions based on the latest DirectX technology.

Ashampoo Office 2012  - scr_ashampoo_office_2012_en_presentations

There is a great variety of graphics available for your presentation. You could use one of the 25 professionally designed templates or different AutoShapes, for example.

System Requirements for Ashampoo Office 2012

  • Operating System: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®(32bit/64bit) and Windows® 7 (32bit/64bit)
  • Computer: Any computer that runs one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed.
  • RAM and disk space: 64 MB RAM, around 104 MB for the program files.
  • Software: Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is required.

Many more features and improvements have been implemented in the latest version of Ashampoo Office 2012. As usual, the Ashampoo Office 2012 can also be installed on a USB flash drive and can then be simply used everywhere. Download Ashampoo Office 2012 now and experience word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software at the highest level yourself!


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